Travian merchant parser

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  Inventory Storage capacity
Wood Wood 0 0
Clay Clay 0
Iron Iron 0
Wheat Wheat 0 0
Wheat production Wheat production 0 per hour
Wheat consumption Wheat consumption 0 per hour
Absolute Absolute 0 per hour
Arriving resources
Wood Wood 0 0 Merchants
Clay Clay 0 0 Merchants
Iron Iron 0 0 Merchants
Wheat Wheat 0 0 Merchants
WoodClayIronWheat Total 0 0 Merchants
Wheat planning
Time Wheat  
Total: Loss: Total loss of wheat0
Lack: Total lack of wheat0
Arriving resources per player
Player Wood Clay Iron Wheat WoodClayIronWheat

Arriving merchants:

No arriving merchants!

Inventory of wheat:


Attention! - The running production of wood, clay and iron is not considered.
All Values are approximated. Times and values can vary to the data in the Travian worlds!
Multiple running merchants are only calculated once, because the time to return is unknown.